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Breaking News – Latest Pictures Of Queen Elizabeth – Part 1

May 4, 2010

We Are Cunard

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 Countdown to Queen Elizabeth – 160 days

Although I’m at home enjoying some leave I’ll still be keeping you up to date with what’s going on both at sea and ashore. Thanks for all your great feedback, especially about our new look Blog, please keep it coming.

Just before I left Queen Victoria, I received some photos of Queen Elizabeth in the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone Italy. While Queen Mary 2 heads back across the Atlantic to her homeport of Southampton and Queen Victoria heads south to the Canaries for her first voyage there of the summer season, Queen Elizabeth is only just over five months from her Maiden Voyage. In this Blog I’ll show you some of the newest exterior pictures and then on Thursday we’ll have the interior updates.

Currently in her outfitting dock you can see some of the external progress of our new Queen with the balcony doors in place and many of the glass panels on the balconies themselves.


Her hull is receiving another coat of the traditional Cunard Federal Gray paint, and the big white metal supports on deck 4 will be for the life boats which have just arrived with one already being lifted in to place.


If you look carefully you’ll also be able to see one of the ship’s tenders which are used in ports where Queen Elizabeth won’t be able to dock. Moving on to the top decks on the ship this view is looking up from the deck ten Quoits Court, to the Sports Deck.


As you can see from the same view on the right on Queen Victoria, the big difference between the Queens will be the canvas canopy over the court which will cover the whole area on deck eleven forward. The canvas will be fitted later, but the support structure looks like it’s nearly complete. From the forward part of deck eleven looking aft you can see the main mast.


The scaffolding is in place so the various pieces of navigation and satellite equipment can be installed, and then it will end up looking like the one on her sister that you can see through the Paddle Tennis Court net.



Moving aft and down to deck ten is an external view of the Yacht Club with the windows still covered with protective plastic. 


The right hand picture of the same space on Queen Victoria shows the work left to be done such as the railings and lighting and woodwork finishes. The next two photos show a very different view on the two ships, with the Pavilion and the Garden Lounge on the new Queen Elizabeth.

The stunning vaulted roof is nearly complete and the supports behind it are ready for the satellite domes to be installed for television and communications. Inside the Garden Lounge the venue is taking shape with the glass panels in place with the lighting fixtures yet to be installed.

On Thursday I’ll post the latest pictures of how the inside of our new Queen is progressing, again with comparisons to her sister. I’ve also got some great posts to come including a feature with Joanne Brown who became an Entertainment Staff Member for a day, an interview with Daniel Bowden who recently celebrated his 100th Birthday on board Queen Victoria, as well as a profile of the Queen Victoria Chef who was recently named Barcardi Chef of the year. Cheers for now Alastair.

  1. Freddie Paynter says:

    Thanks so much for these updates, Alastair. It’s so exciting to see Queen Elizabeth nearly complete. It’s also quite impressive to see how accurate the artists impressions of the ship are as the photo taken inside the Garden Lounge looks identical to that of the one done by the artist. I look forward to seeing the interior photos of her.

    Freddie Paynter.

    PS. I have a rather unimportant question to ask, but I was just curious; will the canopy sheltering the Games Deck be made of glass? Thanks.

  2. Bruce Hunter says:

    My partner and I are booked on Queen Elizabeth for a Mediterranean cruise out of Southampton on June 14, 2011. In 1961, I had the opportunity to tour the former Queen Elizabeth while she was docked in New York, and I purchased a book during the tour that showcased the interiors, which for that time were very elegant.
    The new Queen Elizabeth looks to be a very worthy successor to that former beauty’s lineage of great style, and panache!

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