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April 9, 2010

We Are Cunard

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Countdown to Queen Elizabeth – 186 days


With just over six months before her maiden voyage, I have received some new pictures from the Fincantieri shipyard where Queen Elizabeth is currently under construction. This stage of the new build process is a very interesting one, but not the most visual as it involves a lot of metal work, cabling and ducting. However the outside of our Queen has changed, with her familiar Federal Grey hull, white superstructure and iconic red funnel showing she really is a Cunarder.



Inside the ship, things have moved along a lot. The initial stages of the outfitting involve more metal work such as constructing the inner non supporting bulkheads, which often cover main support pillars such as the ones in this view of Cafe Carinthia looking forward.



As you can see from the above pictures, I am also including virtually the same view from Queen Victoria to give you an idea of what the end view will look like. Having said that, as regular followers of this Blog will know, that although architecturally she will be very similar, the decor will be unique to Queen Elizabeth. This next shot is of the Golden Lion Pub where you can see the beginnings of the dividing walls and the windows into the Royal Arcade on the left hand side.


The next picture is somewhat more difficult to decipher. This is the Royal Court Theatre on Deck 2 from the back, showing the balcony above and the stage at the far end. As with a lot of the ship there is a huge amount of scaffolding in place at the moment as the various craftsmen work on the deck heads.



In all venues there is a tremendous amount of wiring for the lights, power, telephones, digital sound system, alarms etc. It always amazes me how they manage to get all that incredibly complex cabling right. For the next shot we are moving to the Lido on deck 9 and the pizzeria section.



Then staying in the Lido you can see the specialised stainless steel work that is taking place for the main buffet area, which is at the aft section of the Lido.




Moving up to deck 10 forward is the signature Commodore Club which began on Queen Mary 2, and has been such a great success as a larger venue on Queen Victoria.



On the same deck is the venue that will pay homage to its namesake on QE2; The Yacht Club. Although it will occupy the same space as Hemispheres on Queen Victoria, the nautical decor will give it a very different feel.




Moving outside to the Pavilion Pool area on deck 9 midships, the metal work that will be covered in teak is nearly complete as you can see from this view of the steps and the two whirlpools.



The area is covered at the moment by a temporary shelter while the special paint treatment is applied. The view looking aft from this point will actually be different as well, because of the vaulted roof of the Garden Room, which as you can see from this picture has now been glazed.



I hope to be back soon with more pictures but again my thanks to Simona Capraro in the Monfalcone ship yard for all her help in getting me these fantastic pictures.  Also thanks to Marius and the on board photo team who recommended a really good new digital camera, so I could get these great interior shots of Queen Victoria.


I’ll be back next week with more news from the World Voyages on both Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria and I’ll keep you posted on any further announcements or developments with Queen Elizabeth. Cheers for now Alastair.

  1. Beryl Moss says:

    More great pictures from Queen Elizabeth with your comparisons from Queen Victoria which we can relate to.

  2. Robert Hoerhann says:

    Great fotos to compare the process. As an engineer I would like to see some fotos of the main angines as well. Do you think it is possible by next time to include some?
    Kind regards from Robert form Austria who is looking forward to our first time on board QE

  3. Anthony jr says:

    Oh my gosh this is really exciting to see!!!!!! SO much progress has been made!!!! ANd in so little time aswell!! Thank you for the pictures, they really are quite awesome! Well, the new Queen is awesome rather!

  4. Christian Reay says:

    Queen Elizabeth is coming along really nicely now – it won’t be long before the first sea trials.

    The photographs never fail to impress and these are wonderful. I rather like the vaulted roof over the Garden Room – it is certainly a unique feature. Tell me is the grass for the tennis and croquet courts real grass or astroturf? If it were real grass this would be quite a coup and another ‘first’ for a Cunard liner.

    I’d really love to come down to Southampton and see her when she is finished and I equally hope to travel on her in the not to distant future.

    All the best!


  5. Pat Tiller says:

    Interesting and commenndable on keeping us informed of the progress made on the QE. Any idea when deck plans will be finalised ( and available on the Cunard site) and cabin allocation for Maiden Voyage will be made.



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