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Breaking News – New Pictures Of Queen Elizabeth’s Interior Including The Grills

March 11, 2010

We Are Cunard

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Countdown to Queen Elizabeth – 214 days


Welcome to another Blog which marks yet more Cunard milestones. Firstly, this is our 80th week of Blogging, and this is the 152nd post, so thank you to everyone back in Southampton for all their help, but more importantly thank you for reading them, and for all your questions and comments. It’s been a busy week as both Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria continue their World Voyages and we’ll of course keep you posted on their progress. Today Queen Mary 2 is on her way to Adelaide in South Australia and Queen Victoria will leave Hong Kong this afternoon after her overnight stay; I’ll post some pictures from there soon.


For this Blog, I’m pleased to post some new pictures of Queen Elizabeth in the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy where she is currently under construction in her outfitting dock. But before I share them with you, here’s this week in Cunard’s history, for the week 12 to 18 March:


12 March 1950

Caronia makes her maiden call to Naples, Italy

15 March 2007

Cunard announces Queen Victoria’s first summer voyages

16 March 2007

Queen Mary 2 makes her maiden transit of the Suez Canal

17 March 2009

A press release from Cunard reveals the first information about the new Queen Elizabeth due to be launched 18 months later

18 March 1839

Samuel Cunard agrees to a tentative contract with the British Admiralty to “Convey mail from a point in England to Halifax and back twice a month”

18 March 2008

Queen Victoria makes maiden call at Singapore


Tomorrow (12 March), will be exactly seven months before Queen Elizabeth begins her maiden voyage, so it’s perfect timing to show you some new pictures.  I asked Simona Capraro if she would take some pictures for us and she kindly sent these earlier this week. Firstly, this is how she looks at the moment in her outfitting dock. 



Meanwhile inside our new Queen, one of the last sections of the ship’s infrastructure to be added was the Grills section, on deck 11 in the middle of our new liner. This is what I would describe as an enclave for guests who have booked the suites on board. As you may know there are two restaurants in this area; the Princess and Queen’s Grills. Although there is not much there at the moment here’s a picture of the Princess Grill, looking aft.



This, of course, is what the restaurant will look like when it is complete.



When I was at the float out ceremony in January, we filmed the Grills area, and to complete this Video Blog we have added an exclusive interview with Teresa Anderson, Cunard’s Vice President Interior Design, who has been responsible for the stunning Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth interior design.



Meanwhile around the rest of the ship, more areas are starting to become recognisable; well just. Here’s what the bar that will dispense delicious coffees throughout the day, looks like now, and a reminder of what it will look like in October; Café Carinthia.



Another recent addition to Queen Elizabeth was the elegant spiral staircase that will be the centre piece of her 6,000 book Art Deco styled library.




A favourite venue on board is Cunard’s signature bar, the Golden Lion Pub, which plays host to everything from Quizzes to Karaoke, Sing-along’s to Darts and much more including wonderful Pub Lunches! In these pictures you can see the progress the space is making along with what it will end up looking like.





That’s it for another week, but I’ll be back on Monday with a Blog featuring Queen Victoria’s latest “Star of the Month”, as well as a lot more posts to come. Please do keep those questions and comments coming, it’s always great to hear from readers. Cheers for now, Alastair

  1. Robert - mHunter Valley - Australia says:

    Mr. Greener is to be complimented upon the professionalism of his research items and respectful commentary. Unlike the commentator, who saluted the QE2 in October, 2008, Mr. Greener has a disciplined admiration for the wonder of the Sea, the Ship and all who voyage. It is, somewhat, disappointing, that the writings of Mr. Greener are not lauded generously. One may, now, vision QE and await, with restraint, the initial Voyage and the World Cruise. As one, who has travelled on QE2, the initial Voyage, here, in Australia of the Royaal Viking Sun, the initial Voyage of Q.V. and the last Transatlantic Voyage of QE2, the next 49 weeks are, as to paraphrase, 49 too many weeks, too far away.
    For those, who may not be aware. QM2, is to circumnavigate Australia in 2012. Our expression of interest, has been submitted and the nervous awaiting, awaited.
    Again, due honour to Mr. Greener.

  2. julie says:

    still gives me goose bumps whenever I see new photos……carn’t wait to see her in October and sail on the 8th Nov xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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