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The Latest Pictures And Video Of Queen Elizabeth’s Interior

January 21, 2010

We Are Cunard

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Countdown to Queen Elizabeth – 264 days


As I am writing this post, Queen Victoria has just made her third transit of the Panama Canal, and is now heading north to Acapulco. I’ll have a special Blog next week with some great pictures of this highlight of Queen Victoria’s World Voyage. Meanwhile Queen Mary 2 has just made her maiden call to Safaga in Egypt where her guests will have enjoyed tours to Luxor and the “Valley of The Kings”. 


Before we show you pictures and video of Queen Elizabeth’s interior, here’s Cunard’s history, for the week 22 to 28 January:


23 January 1951

Caronia makes her maiden call to Honolulu, Hawaii

26 January 1856

The Persia begins her maiden voyage from Liverpool to New York, as Cunard’s last but one paddle steamer.

26 January 1986

QE2 makes her maiden call at Callao, Peru

26 January 2008

Queen Victoria makes her maiden call at Acapulco


Queen Elizabeth’s Float Out ceremony was an amazing occasion, as it gave us the opportunity to witness a milestone in her construction process as well as being able to have a sneak look inside our new Queen, to see how she was progressing. Although it will be less than ten months before her maiden voyage, the interior of the ship at this stage is literally just metal.


To date the main focus of attention has been on the superstructure of the ship, but now that she has moved in to her first outfitting dock the attention turns to the inside. I took quite a few photographs, but frankly it would be hard to work out which area is which, so I took some pictures on board Queen Victoria this week, to give you an idea of what these areas may look like in 37 weeks time, although of course the décor will be different.


Most of the ship still looks very much like a shell and as you’ll see in this first photo of the upper level of the Britannia Restaurant, the outfitting process makes a dramatic difference.



Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge




One thing we noticed in many areas of the ship, such as the Grand Lobby, Royal Arcade, Queens Room and Royal Court Theatre was the huge amount of scaffolding, which would enable work to take place on the very high bulkheads. You’ll see what I mean in this next shot, which is a view looking aft from the B Staircase towards the Grand lobby.



Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge




You can see the lift shafts to the left, and the red panels are the fire screen doors which will eventually be concealed. One subject that I talked about on an earlier Video Blog was the outfitting of the bars, and how the tiling in those areas had already been started, and you can see this on the left hand side of this view of the Golden Lion Pub.



Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge




This was our first opportunity to look at the upper areas of the ship towards the aft, which had only recently been added. This is the view of the Lido Buffet area looking aft, and you can see that the windows still haven’t been installed yet.



Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge




While we looked at Queen Elizabeth’s interiors, I was grateful to Peter Shanks, Cunard’s President and Managing Director, for taking the time to chat to me about the day and the progress of Cunard’s latest Queen. So here is the next in the series of Video Blogs from that special day:-




I’d like to thank everyone again for all their assistance on that cold day, which enabled me bring you these pictures and Video. Please keep your comments and questions coming in, and I look forward to posting another Blog at the beginning of next week with pictures of Queen Victoria’s transit of the Panama Canal. Cheers for now, Alastair

  1. Beryl Moss says:

    Looking forward to seeing your pictures of the transit of the Panama Canal having looked at the web cam yesterday as Queen Victoria was going through. I found this very interesting and will be following Queen Victoria progress around the world with the web cam thanks to great technology. Again another great blog.

  2. Dave Meineck says:

    Very good photos and video. Saw you go through the Panama Canal yesterday through the ships webcam and also on the Miraflores Locks webcam. It brings back lots of memories as we were on the same cruise last year. Its a geat help to know we can follow you around the world without leaving home. Have a good cruise.
    Dave M.

  3. Elaine Bell says:

    Thanks for all the information and shots of the new ship. It’s fascinating to see how quickly something so large can be built. I particularly liked the music that you used in each video. We are looking more forward than ever to our cruise (QE’s second) next October.

    Elaine Bell
    Haliburton, ON, Canada

  4. May says:

    Hi Alastair,

    What a fabulous blog! I check in every once in a while because it’s so excitin seeing the progress of a world class ship. I’ve only sailed the high seas twice, my first time with Cunard on Queen Mary 2. I wrote about my adventure on my blog. http://www.maydelory.wordpress.com

    Keep Greening things up!


  5. Linda-fl says:

    I am anxious to see blogs of Victoria—a bunch of us are following dear friends who are on the 103 day round the world cruise.
    We have been most disappointed when the webcam isn’t kept up to date and turned off early.

  6. Robert - Hunter Valley Australia says:

    Appreciate the fine discussion with Mr.Shanks. Hope that he may be available for the passengers, when Q.E. moors in Sydney. Now 56 weeks.
    How, indeed, has thw world of Shipbuilding changed over time. It seems a mere short time, when the keel was laid and the Ship in the Wet Dock. Being the Captain is, likewise, a dramatic reformation of the presence of the Big Man. Reading of the lives of Commodore R.G. Thwelwell of Cunard, the Captains of Lusitiana and Westralia, makes one appreciate the manliness of their seamanship and their commanding presence as being the Big Men. Today, we as mariners are spoilt.

  7. Kathleen McElroy says:

    Enjoying the anticipation of the Queen Elizabeth build very much, I check in every once in a while & can’t wait for the day we sail on her. I previously have sailed on QE2, Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria – can’t wait to add Queen Elizabeth to our cruising calendar..!

  8. Michael R Kennedy says:

    I very much look forward to seeing the new Queen Elizabeth as it will evoke memories of when I flew up to Glasgow to the John Brown shipyard where the QE2 was awaiting her launching in September 1967. I was the official BBC Tv Stills photographer shooting in colour for BBC2 which had just started colour transmissions. I still have many pictures which I kept for myself, and my original photographers pass!!

    Wonderful memories,

    Michael R Kennedy.

  9. Linda-fl says:

    A number of us are enjoying the cruise w/friends on board the Queen Victoria around the world in 103 days. It is the one that departed Ft Lauderdale on January 15. We have now lost the site of their itinerary and cannot find it. Can someone post it so we can be sure to ‘tune in’ when they are at all these wonderful ports, and also when they go through the Suez Canal. We didn’t write down the dates because we didn’t know we’d lose the itinerary site. Help !!

  10. Lisa Page says:

    Hi Linda

    The itinerary can be found at this link:


    Looks like they’ll be transitting the Suez Canal on 13 April :)

  11. lisa-fl says:

    Alistair—so anxious to see Victoria pull into Hong Kong, and the webcam has been stuck at 7:12 GMT for almost 45 minutes, so we are missing the whole thing.
    This is so frustrating as we’re following our friends around the world, and this was one we looked forward to.

  12. lisa-fl says:

    Well, it is now 8a.m. in HongKong and the ship must be pulling, but the webcam is STILL stuck at 7:12 a.m. and 45 minutes from the docking spot.
    Very disappointed !!!!!!!!!
    And a waste of time.

  13. JimFrog says:

    We’d like to see the man who pulls the flag off the bow when the ship leaves port. Have him freeze for a minute with his hand in a wave please! Thank you.

  14. Fido says:

    Well the web cam is stuck again. Time shows ship at sea heading for Veit Nam but web cam shows still tied up to dock. I think ya need either a new web cam or a new person in charge of it.

  15. Fido says:

    However with that said…….it has been great following the travels of the ship. It has opened my eyes as to how much the Far East has changed since I was there many years ago.

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