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The Final Touches Are Added To Queen Elizabeth Before She Floats Out

January 4, 2010

We Are Cunard

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Countdown to Queen Elizabeth – 280 days


Monday 4 January is a special day, as both Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria begin their 2010 World Voyages, but this year there is a difference. Queen Victoria heads west to New York while her sister will, for the first time, begin her World Voyage heading east from New York to Southampton. I’ll make sure we get pictures from both ships as they progress around the world.


Meanwhile our third Queen is nearing the next milestone in her construction; the float out ceremony. That will be happening tomorrow and over the last few weeks the final additions have been made to her superstructure ready for her big day on 5January.


These photos were taken just before Christmas and Queen Elizabeth entered in to the festive spirit with a special addition to her iconic funnel for the town of Monfalcone to admire.



Another very important addition was the forward main mast, which will carry many vital elements of the ship’s navigation equipment and is also where some of the ships flags are flown from.





The final touches are also being added to the bow as the familiar livery of the white and federal grey paint are added.



One of the last jobs was to add the propellers to the Azipod motors at the stern of the vessel. It’s only when you see someone working on them that you realise how massive they are.



Work is progressing fast inside as well, and this is the first view of the magnificent staircase in the Royal Arcade.



I’m really looking forward to seeing her for myself again tomorrow as I return to Monfalcone for the float out ceremony. This will be a very exciting moment as Queen Elizabeth’s hull touches water for the first time and moves to her outfitting dock. I’ll post the first pictures of that ceremony on Thursday with some videos including an interview with President and Managing Director Peter Shanks. Cheers Alastair

  1. Beryl Moss says:

    These pictures are fantastic and cannot wait to see the Float Out ceremony footage.

  2. Michael A. Kremer says:

    Great pictures. I wish everybody at Cunard´s a happy new year and look forward to QE´s maiden voyage and later its maiden world cruise. The ship´s name raises expectations which will be difficult to fulfil and easy to disappoint. Let us hope that it will develop over time some of QE 2´s special spirit.

  3. Anthony jr says:

    She is absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait for tomorrow! A proper successor to both the Queen Elizabeth and QE2! Very distinguished, and elegant.

  4. Robert LUTTON says:

    How indeed has the world changed – now the Meccano Principle. Soon it shall be the 23rd February, 2011 and the Quiet Australians, fresh from the return of the URN, board Q.E.
    Bikkie-tin being reinforced with coins of the Realm, dinner suits to be, once again, the spirit of the evening and the LADIES, always the Pearls of Elegance.

    We, from the land downunder, hope to welcome Alastair – he – the epitome of reserve and ‘dignitas’

  5. Keith Baker says:

    Enjoy the float out today Alastair,she looks to becoming along very well. Look forward to seeing pictures and maybe at one point seeing her in person. Have a great world cruise. Cheers to you and everyone in the wardie.

  6. Chris Frame says:

    Thank you for another update.

    I like the “QE2 Style” mast that has been added to Queen Elizabeth (3). A nice tribute to her grand predecessor!

    All the best and see you soon aboard Queen Victoria.


  7. Carol kane says:

    Wow what a great site, wish i was there,are we able to wach the float out on the internet? I hope so would be great to watch. Congradulations Alister on the great updatyes. looking forward to sailing on her

  8. mark napier says:

    When QE2 was sold didn’t a lot of the on board memorabilia get sold with her? As they are now talking about her going for “breaking up” can these items be re purchased to once again sail the world on the new ships?

  9. Sally Nuth says:

    looks good to go. looking forward to my first voyage which will her second

  10. John Lang says:

    Thank you for the excellent report on QUEEN ELIZABETH’s floating out. Are you going to mention the fire on this day which destroyed RMS QUEEN ELIZABETH?

  11. Hi Mark
    QE2 guests who travel on the new Queen Elizabeth later this year will see many familiar items from the legendary QE2 – but that’s all I can say about that right now! We aren’t aware of any plans for ‘breaking up’ the ship.
    Cheers Alastair

  12. Galbadon says:

    Hello Alastair,
    I’m French, I’m sixteen, and fond of Cunard’s liners (that’s how I found your site and love it).
    I’ve just learned that QE2 is for sale again.
    On my website you can sign, if you please, a petition (sorry it’s in French) to help saving her.
    Thank you for your help,

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