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January 18, 2010

We Are Cunard

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 Countdown to Queen Elizabeth – 267 days


As Queen Mary 2 prepares to make her maiden southbound transit of the Suez Canal, Queen Victoria has also found the warmth of the Caribbean having made her maiden call to Grand Cayman yesterday. We anchored just off Georgetown, very close to a new pier:



We were lucky to be the only ship in, so we had the island to ourselves, where we could enjoy the delights of snorkeling, seven mile beach, Tortuga Rum Cake and an opportunity to go to Hell. No I am not being rude, there really is a place called Hell and it’s a group of short, black, limestone formations in the northwest of the island roughly the size of a football pitch. There are numerous explanations of how Hell received its name, but they are generally variations on what locals perceive Hell would look like. Whatever the origins of the name, many of our guests and crew go there, just so they have this claim to fame and post their cards from this spot with a special stamp.


Thank you again for all the comments about the previous Queen Elizabeth “Float Out Ceremony” Blogs. We will of course keep you updated with all the news as it happens. In this Blog and third video, we have a special interview with Queen Elizabeth’s Madrina, Dennie Farmer and also the ship yard director Paolo Capobianco.


Once the ceremony had been completed by the dry dock, which was now filling with water, we were treated to a wonderful reception and lunch in the Fincantieri offices at the Monfalcone ship yard. We were first given a very special souvenir programme of the day:



Inside the programme was a fitting tribute to our new Queen and Cunard’s proud and rich history, which included this great picture comparing Cunard’s latest liner with the very first ship, Britannia, which began Samuel Cunard’s company in 1840



There was some fantastic memorabilia around the room from the private collection of Maurizio Eliseo and Paolo Piccione, which celebrated many of the Cunard Liners of the past, including the previous ships bearing the name Elizabeth:



In this next Video Blog you’ll see that while we were at the reception I managed to have a chat with both Dennie Farmer and Paolo Capobianco, before heading back to Queen Elizabeth to have a look at the progress of the inside of the ship.



You’ll be able to see the next Video Blog in the series on Thursday, when I’ll be guiding you through the interior of Queen Elizabeth and there’ll also be an exclusive interview with Cunard’s President and Managing Director Peter Shanks. Thank you to both Dennie Farmer and Paolo Capobianco for their time and again to our cameraman Andrew, as well as everyone else at the Fincantieri ship yard for all their help on that day.


Meanwhile I’ll be back tomorrow with a special Blog from Queen Mary 2. Although the festive celebrations of Christmas and New Year may see a long time ago, we thought you’d still like to see how our flagship celebrated the season with a Guest Blog from Freda Singleton, Queen Mary 2’s Social Hostess.


Thank you again for logging on and please keep those comments and questions coming in. Cheers for now, Alastair

  1. sasa says:

    Hi..i’m from Croatia and I was working on QE2 5 years ago as a assistant waiter..it was short time(1 contract)but very interesting experience which i really liked..now i’m trying to finish college here in Dubrovnik and i have a question for you and i will be grateful if you could help me!? i’m doing project on QE2 operations in f&b department. i need to explain how it work’s on cruisers so i decided to ask if You can help me with a few bullets..i hope that you will answer and all the best from Dubrovnik!!!looking forward to see some of Your cruisers here in the summer!!!

  2. Bryan Blow says:

    Hi Alister,
    Many thanks for the vidio blogs, will they be made into a DVD so that we can purchase a copy.
    I am booked on the World cruise.

  3. Beryl Moss says:

    Again another very interesting blog with the video.

  4. May says:

    22 January 2010

    Bonjour Alastair!

    I live in Canada. I have only sailed once with Cunard (QM2); and it was my first time. I love large ships… at least QM2 made me believe so. I’m in my early 60s, a widow, with a lot of time on my hands. I’ve done a bit of paid freelance writing. If you ever want a 60+ woman to ride the high seas with you and blog about her adventures around the world, I’m available! I’d like to hitch my star to Cunard.


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