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November 23, 2009

We Are Cunard

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Countdown to Queen Elizabeth – 323 days



As Queen Mary 2 arrives in the Caribbean for her winter season, and Queen Victoria returns from her Mediterranean Voyage before heading off to the Canaries, Queen Elizabeth is literally growing by the day. In this Blog I’ve got the latest video, shot just last week in the Monfalcone shipyard.


During my trip to see Queen Elizabeth we managed to cover a lot in one day. We have filmed three clips especially for this Blog. Here’s a picture Martin Lilly (Cunard’s Director of Entertainment) took of me being filmed by our cameraman, Andrew.



You’ll probably notice the rather interesting footwear I am wearing. They are actually safety shoes which everyone has to wear, as they have steel toe caps to give protection whilst walking around the yard. Mind you, you can always rely on the Italians to make safety shoes that look relatively stylish – even if they don’t match the suit!


Behind me you can make out one of the last few blocks, that has yet to be added to the ship and the yellow machinery behind me is an incredible piece of equipment capable of lifting 120 ton blocks.


So here at last is the first of those three video clips:



I’ll be back tomorrow with a special guest Blog from Maureen Ryan, after her fascinating reunion a few weeks ago. On Thursday I’ll have another regular weekly Blog with the first interior pictures of our new Queen along with the second video. As I mentioned before I am very grateful to Simona and Antonio in the yard for all their assistance on that day, as well as Andrew and Martin, for their great pictures and video. Cheers, Alastair

  1. Beryl Moss says:

    It is truly amazing how fast she is being constructed. The pictures and video clip are fantastic and am looking forward to your Thursday blog with the next video clip of the interior. Your camera people are doing a fantastic job in taking such wonderful pictures and amazing video footage. Well Done. Beryl

  2. Frank Spina says:

    Thank you for the video clip. It’s really nice, we actually build all the electrical systems for this beauty but being in the office all day i only see the numbers (hull 6187 ap1 ap6 and so on..,at least we humble clerks know what we are building..Thank you Alastair. Frank (Purchasing, Conit)

  3. Steve B says:

    NIce one Alastair. Please keep the vidios and photos coming as I will be sailing on her next year.
    Thank you. Steve Bass

  4. john bramwell says:

    I now know what it feels like to part of history and experience the creation of a master piece of engineering and finally journey on that master piece for the maiden voyage. The blogs are brilliant and the progress of construction unbelievable, it did not seem possible during the summer that QE would be ready for next October, but now, yes we will be sailing on her, I know it.

    After experiencing the high emotion of QE2′s final voyage I never thought that could be beaten. Even today the events of that time are so vivid. But I now feel the excitement and anticipation of QE’s arrival which the live blogs only intensifies.

    So keep up the good work, keep us informed, we need to know how she is progressing.

  5. Steve says:

    Are you sure these aren’t images from Queen Victoria..or the Nieuw Amsterdam? They are exactly the same ships..I am having strong doubts you are being honest Alistair!

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