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August 6, 2009

We Are Cunard

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Countdown to Queen Elizabeth – 397days


Yes less than four hundred days to go before we are joined by our new Queen, and I’m happy to tell you that I’ll be going back to the shipyard in Italy later this month to bring you some of the latest pictures, and hopefully video, of her construction. Meanwhile as the announcements come in about her progress and some of the finer details, I’ll of course keep you posted.


Meanwhile I attended an exciting meeting this week in London, to talk to Sir Terry Wogan about the next eagerly awaited TOG’s voyage sailing from Southampton on 14 May 2010. Intrigued? Well I’ll tell you more after “This week in Cunard’s History” for the week, 7th to the 13th August:


August 8 1922


The Doric is launched at Harland & Wolf, Belfast and becomes part of the Cunard White Star fleet in 1934


August 8 2005


Cunard announces that Queen Mary 2 will make her first World Cruise on January 10th 2007


August 9 1990


QE2 completes her 500th Atlantic crossing


August 9 2007


Cunard introduces its new lecture series called “Cunard Insights”


August 12 2008


Queen Victoria makes maiden call at Venice


The TOGs voyage will be a fantastic follow up to the first voyage last year and just in case you haven’t read about that amazing voyage yet; you can look back to the five Blogs which followed the whole trip, with the first posting on the 20th November 2008. Also for those of you less familiar with the term “TOG”; don’t worry that first Blog will explain it all!


As you know I am on leave at the moment, which gave me the opportunity to attend a special meeting at the BBC’s Broadcasting House in London. Leaving Wiltshire on a lovely morning (so much better than the Saturday before when my carefully prepared barbecue was typically rained off and held inside!), I made it to Radio 2’s studios in London just as Sir Terry was finishing his morning broadcast on his birthday. We were therefore especially delighted that he was able to spend some time with us chatting about next year’s voyage.  So over birthday cake (thanks to Edna Cloud), we looked at some of the exciting events awaiting those who join Sir Terry and his team in the Mediterranean. Joining Sir Terry and our group from Cunard were Alan “Deadly” Dedicoat and even Lynn Bowles managed to pop in between traffic reports! Sir Terry himself is incredibly proud of the work the TOGs do to raise money for “Children in Need” and was very excited about the prospect of raising even more on this voyage.


You can find out more information about what promises to be an amazing and unforgettable voyage on the following Cunard link:  -




There was also time for a quick photo opportunity to mark the occasion:-



From left to right are Norman and Helen (who look after Charity Goods – more details later), eating the cup cake is Alan “Voice of the Balls” Dedicoat, Sir Terry Wogan, Lynn Bowles, Alan “Barrowlands” Boyd (Sir Terry’s morning show producer) and yours truly. They will all be on the voyage with a host of other “Wake Up To Wogan” personalities.  Sir Terry was then kind enough to do a quick interview on video which we hope to bring you next week where he reminisces about last year’s trip and looks forward to next year’s offerings.


Not only will this voyage be a huge amount of fun but it will also raise more money for BBC’s “Children In Need Charity”, and you can find out more on the following web site: –  




I look forward to sharing more stories next week and of course answering more of your comments and questions. I’ve also got some great features coming up over the next few weeks including an interview with Cunard’s new President and Managing Director, Peter Shanks, as well as a guest Blog from Maureen Ryan who many of you will know as Cunard’s longest serving Social Hostess. There’ll be more “A Day in The Life” features and the promised reports from the shipyard where Queen Elizabeth is currently under construction. Cheers for now and thanks again for logging on. Alastair

  1. Christian Reay says:

    I look forward to hearing about the developments regarding the Queen Elizabeth. I was fortunate enough to be aboard Queen Mary 2 at the end of her Iberian Odyssey voyage as she sailed up Southampton Water with Queen Victoria in hot pursuit. For your interest I have a photo of Queen Victoria taken from QM2 if you would like to feature it.

    All the best!


    (P.S Please could we have an update from the goings on aboard Queen Mary 2 – Thanks!!!)

  2. sheila feller says:

    I don’t know if you can help, but I’m trying to find out about passenger lists. If someone books passage but doesn’t turn up for the voyage, would their name appear on the passenger list of that ship, or would it only appear if they actually boarded.

    I’m doing some research about an ancestor who was supposed to have missed boarding The Titanic, (I know the White Star Line is no more) but who didn’t turn up, and we have seen the passenger list and his name doesn’t appear.

    I would be most grateful if you could find the time to reply.

    Many thanks

  3. jenni Widdowson/Brooke/Harrison says:

    I would like to be in touch with anyone from Pursers Dept from Sylvania 1964 to Queen Mary 1957 via Mauretania and Queen Mary.I’m not too good at this computer lark.

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