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James Taylor on Queen Mary 2 – Exclusive Video – Part Two

July 8, 2009

We Are Cunard

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Countdown to Queen Elizabeth – 426 days

Wow! I have just seen the second video capturing some of the great moments of James Taylor’s Transatlantic Crossing from New York to Southampton. Again thanks and congratulations to Brian O’Connor and Eric Allen, for a fantastic video which features interviews with Captain Nick Bates, Entertainment Director Ray Rouse and of course James Taylor himself, as well as clips of his performances and interview. For those who were there it’ll be a great memento of a legendary voyage and for the rest of us…….. well we wish we could have been there to witness another amazing event in Cunard’s history. See the video below:

Meanwhile I’ll be back tomorrow with more news from the Queen Elizabeth keel laying ceremony. Cheers Alastair

  1. june kirby says:

    Hi Alistair
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blogs over the last few months they are so informative, and paint a wonderful picture of life with Cunard. I will be joining Victoria for the first time in September with my husband and am really looking forward to our 3 weeks on board…last year we cruised the Caribbean on Queen Mary which we enjoyed enormously so it will be nice to compare…will you be on Victoria? If so hope we can meet up.

    June Kirby

  2. Tony Marron says:

    It was great to see James Taylor and the QM2 and Ray Rouse.
    We were on board in 2007 and had a great time and we met Ray – he is fantastic and does a great job with the TV and entertainment.
    We had a fantastic time – it was our honeymoon and my new wife’s birthday – the best holiday ever – and the QM2, captain and all the staff were just brilliant.
    We hope to be on board again very soon.
    Best wishes to all
    Tony and Karen Marron

  3. Glynn &n Judith Cocker says:

    We attended 2 talks by Peter Asher(of Peter & Gordon) on board QM2 in May this year. Peter has an incredible history in the pop industry and has been James Taylors manager for many years. Amongst other things Peter played a clip of a recent concert of James with another legend Carol King. Not a dry eye in the house. The real thing must have been a real experience.

  4. Robert Hardless says:

    We made the trip from UK, flying straight out to JFK, caught a cab to Brooklyn terminal and jumped on the fabulous QM2. The opportunity to see the Q&A with Mr Taylor and then the signing and shows was a high spot for us. He is a very wonderful self deprecating man and the ability to see him in such a wonderful environment was truly memorable. Thank you Cunard and Carol Marlow.
    Robert & Alison

  5. Kel says:

    Hi, Alastair!

    Ohmigod! James Taylor is my absolute musical hero, so to see the two videos of him onboard QM2 was amazing.

    How superb to see him so relaxed and at ease with his family.

    Thanks to Cunard for sharing this with us mere mortals! :o )

    Kel xx

  6. Shari Rubin says:

    I was fortunate enough to have celebrated a milestone birthday on the QM2 and to both speak to and hear James Taylor in the great room. The passage was incredible, the attention to detail on the ship and the extremely attentive crew were topped with an amazing musical experience. I have been a JT fan for my whole life, feel a kinship in many ways through his music. Although I have seen him many times, none were as wonderful as the night on the QM2. It was as if it were a concert in my living room!

  7. Ray and Cyrilla Rogers says:

    We both travelled on the double Transatlantic crossings from Southampton to New York and back and celebrated by Husband’s 60th birthday on board. We have a lovely cruise, the QM2 is a beautiful ship, well planned and beautifully laid out. We didn’t get lost once! Even when the sea was a bit rough, we did’t feel a thing. Thank you so much. We hope to be back before too long!
    All the Staff were brilliant and the service was second to none. James Taylor was superb!
    Thank you Cunard, thank you QM2

  8. Janet Fury says:

    I was there – it was fabulous. I can die happy.

  9. Kenneth Eden says:

    Hi We just returned from our Northern Splendours cruise aboard the Victoria. What a wonderful ship she is, a perfect consort to Queen Mary 2,

    Future Cubnard cruises include a November 2009 Queen Mary 2 Caribbean cruise, another Caribbean cruise, December 2010, and the Hawiian cruise on the Victoria in 2011. I am sure we will have more Cunard cruises to sail in addition to the ones noted here.

    We have been sailing Cunard since 1969 and have sailed QE2, Cunard Ambassador, Sagafjord and Vistafjord, Cumard Countess and Cunard Dynasty. Richard, my partner, has also sailed Mauritania 2, in adddtion to these listed cruises.

    I enjoy “we are Cunard”, as it lets me keep up with my favotite cruise line.


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