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March 17, 2009

We Are Cunard

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Yes; it’s official Queen Elizabeth will officially join the Cunard fleet on October the 12th 2010. There was a press release today outlining the debut of Cunard’s second largest ship ever built. She will be the third new ocean liner to be introduced by Cunard in six years, giving one of the oldest names in shipping the youngest fleet in the industry. She is named after the first Queen Elizabeth, and will reference her predecessor in interior grandeur, décor and style, but with a modern twist. Art Deco features will pay homage to her namesake, and will allow the new ship to reflect a more civilized era of travel. According to the press release there will be the familiar features such as the “Queens Room”, but will also include a favourite venue from Queen Elizabeth 2, with her very own “Yacht Club”. There’ll also be a “Garden Lounge”, with a magnificent vaulted glass ceiling creating a conservatory feel inspired by the glass houses of Kew Gardens. She’ll also have a Games Deck which will offer croquet, paddle tennis and traditional British bowls. She will of course have the celebrated luxury Grills accommodation and dining, with its al fresco dining option on an exclusive deck terrace.

So what about the maiden voyage I hear you ask – well that will be on the 12th of October 2010 and will take guests on a 13-night voyage departing Southampton, calling at Vigo, Lisbon, Cadiz, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Palma and Madeira. The initial Queen Elizabeth brochure launched today includes itineraries up to January 2011 including voyages to the Western and Central Mediterranean and a “Caribbean Welcome” inaugural Christmas voyage departing round trip from Southampton for 22 nights with calls to Madeira, Tortola, St Lucia, Grenada, Barbados, Antigua and The Azores.

So if you would like to be the first to book on our new Queen, reservations for the Maiden Voyage and inaugural season can be made from 1pm UK time (6pm East Coast US, 9pm West Coast) on 2 April. To find out more news you can click on this link from tomorrow (18th March)


Meanwhile as soon as I find out anything else or get any picture previews, I’ll let you know so keep logging on. I will be back as usual on Thursday with more news. Cheers – Alastair

  1. Lou Anne Busdieker says:

    We’re previous world cruisers, I was wondering why we have not received any announcements? We are very anxious to sign up for Queen Elizabeth.

  2. Christian Reay says:

    Thank You for the update Alistair. It is very fitting that the new ship will pay homage to the first Queen Elizabeth and of course QE2 – which we all remember with immense fondness.

  3. Christopher Wilson says:

    Hi Alastair,

    Looking forward to joining you later today. Meantime something which might find a sentence or two for a future blog – Raffles Hotel has run our of caviar! Absolutely true – like a pub with no beer. Thank heavens no such fate could befall QV…

    Catch you later,


  4. David Cunard says:

    I thought that Queen Victoria was, decoratively, a big improvement on QM2, more restrained, less exuberant and in fact more British. However, the renderings of QE3 (which she’s bound to be called) do not reflect the design elements of her predecessor which was at the very end of the Art Deco era. QE 1 and 2 reflected the high design of their times, in the same way as Normandie and the France did. Sadly, in my opinion, the new QE3 takes nothing from British contemporary design but rather emulates Las Vegas rather London. I feel sure that for what it is it will be splendid in its own way, but it does seem a shame that a more modern approach was not taken. Surely there was another Dennis Lennon who could have co-ordinated the overall design?

  5. Elaine Bell says:

    Just got our email re advance sales for World Club members and I’m wondering if the times posted in this article are right for April 2nd. If they go on sale in the UK at 1p.m., shouldn’t it be 8 a.m. on the North American east coast and 5 a.m. on the North American west coast? If not, the east coasters get a 6-hour jump on the west coasters!

  6. Here at the Cruise Web, http://www.cruiseweb.com, we are very excited about the new Queen Elizabeth. I can’t wait to see the Garden Lounge with its vaulted glass ceilings… I am sure our clients are looking forward to sailing aboard QE during her maiden voyage season.

  7. David Cunard says:

    Now March 24th and not a word has been heard about the Maiden Season, whether for World Club members or other passengers. I have been able to download a fully-fledged Brochure from another site but that’s because I searched for it. What there is at present on the US site provides dates and itineraries, but no fare details. When the QM2 was first launched there was ample time to make arrangements but this doesn’t reflect well on the folk in Santa Clarita.

  8. Mrs. M.R. Hallesey says:

    I have very fond memories of the QE2 and am pleased that the fine tradition will continue. There is however, one fly in the ointment and that is that you, Cunard, are forgetting to cater for a very important sector of those who enjoy cruising, which is the provision of single cabins. Many in this sector do not wish to share a cabin with a complete stranger and neither do we want to pay extra just to have single occupancy of a double cabin. Will you please try to include this factor when you decide to build future ships, or even try to amend the cabin layout of the new QE3.

  9. David Cunard says:

    On Thursday (26 March) I took the time to phone Head Office in Santa Clarita to enquire about brochures, both electronic and printed. No-one in the Brochure Department had any idea about it and I was told by another person that bookings could not possibly be made in April because the ship would not sail until Autumn 2010! However, by happy coincidence, immediately after I had finished the call, two printed brochures arrived! I called back to apologise for any feathers I might have ruffled, but was told that it couldn’t have been a brochure, but just a promotional pamphlet – but ten pages of color-printed A4 heavy paper are hardly a “pamphlet”! Furthermore – even though I had signed up for information, I was told that such information would have been sent out randomly (yes, randomly!) by the Marketing Department, so I assume there must still be people waiting for a copy. As yet, no electronic version, a PDF, which would have been quicker and cheaper.

    The Maiden Season includes one voyage to Venice which normally would be of interest – but Venice and the Adriatic in the throes of Winter? I don’t think so. Nevertheless, I hope to board her in warmer months, having enjoyed Queen Victoria so very much – and looking forward to part of her World Cruise in 2010.

  10. Steve says:

    I realize you allow nothing negative on your pages but the QE is simply another Carnival clone. How many passengers on the Icky Vicky or the QM2 realize Cunard ships and Cunard itself is designed and managed by Princess Cruises? QE is nothing more than a slightly modified clone of the Vicky. Nothing new, nothing bar raising..same old stuff we constantly get from Carnival.

    A sad downfall from a once pinnacle company. Maybe the QE will have enough money in her budget for drawer space that the QV did not have!

  11. David Cunard says:

    Well, here it is, March 31st and nary an e-mail. However, I did receive a gracious note from the head of marketing about my previous comments. I just feel sorry for those who never received anything and who had wanted to be first in line. For myself, the initial itineraries are of little interest, but no doubt sailing to the Canaries has appeal for British passengers at the end of the Autumn. I’m looking forward to more adventurous voyages in 2011 – when it’s warmer elsewhere! I hope she will call in at Los Angeles, it’s a real treat to be able to drive to the harbour rather than having to fly great distances.

    No news on the official naming ceremony for QE – I wonder if The Queen has been asked?

  12. Carolyn Maxwell says:

    Yay, I’m on. Must have been a fair bit of luck as I’ve read the cruise sold out in 29 minutes and I was on hold for 20 minutes!

    I’ll have my service dog with me so he may be the last dog on the QE2 (we did her last Transatlantic) and first on QE.

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